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Tea Tree
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Tea Tree

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Product Information

Melaleuca alternifolia

Rich, camphorous and herbaceous.

Due to its strong scent, Tea Tree oil is known globally as a good combatant of offensive odours. It’s also effective for removing headlice, reducing skin-level bacteria, and soothing inflammation. Further, its qualities as an anti-septic oil has seen it feature in prominent cosmetic and home cleaners all around the world.

European use dates back to the 18th Century when Captain Cook learned about the “healing tree” from First Nations Australians. A northern New South Wales East Coast tribe Bundjalung, used Tea Tree to treat many skin problems by adding crushed Tea Tree leaves into hot compresses as well as boiling leaves in water to consume as a tea. Our tea tree oil is not recommended for ingestion due to its high concentration of volatile components. However, diffusing Tea Tree oil has been said to have similar cleansing effects.

A Little About The Farm

Grown naturally on the eastern coastline of Australia especially in warmer and wetter climates of New South Wales and Queensland, our Tea Tree oil is grown and distilled on a certified organic plantation on Biripi country. Co-farmed with Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Rosalina and Ironbark. It is managed by us on behalf of our long time friends who had previously maintained the property in their family for generations first as a dairy farm, then later as an organic Garlic and Herb farm and now exclusively as Australia's only certified organic Rosalina essential oil farm (amongst other oils). 

Distillation Method

For over 10 years this plantation has been both hand and machine harvested, then distilled on-site using a purpose-built system. It uses on site dam and tank water that is cooled and returned at the end of the distillation process.

Reduces skin inflammation
Kills head lice fast

Australia’s number one export globally, Tea Tree is used by pharmacists, doctors, cosmeticians and therapists across a vast array of treatments and products. Listed as one of Australia’s top 10 bush medicines, use of the Tea Tree leaf dates back to the 1920s for scientific usage as an anti-fungal and anti-septic treatment and was considered stronger and more effective than anything else available at that time.

As one of the more well known essential oils that is safe for both dogs and cats alike, Tea Tree oil is found in many pet friendly grooming products as it has the dual benefit of warding off ticks, grass mites and other critters attracted to our four legged friends. High in Terpinen-4-ol which is prized for its anti-bacterial potential and y-terpinene regarded for its anti-fungal activities, Tea Tree oil is the number one oil to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Precautions: Non toxic when diluted and used externally. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 Degrees Celcius away from sunlight.
Furry Friends: Animal friendly when used in low doses

We Recommend You Try
Diffuse 8-10 drops outdoors to ward off insects and bugs
Kitchen: Add 20 drops to 2 cups of castile soap for a natural dishwashing liquid
Bathroom: Mix 8-10 drops with a cup of vinegar or apply straight to the scalp for a head lice treatment
Living room: Add 10 drops to 150ml of water and vinegar for sparkling windows


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